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          BB&N's recognition and stewardship programs acknowledge and thank all donors for investing in our present and future. We demonstrate our appreciation for your generosity through the annual 澳门皇冠手机app予举报,其中列出了所有财年的捐助者,无论礼物金额或目的,除非匿名已要求。

          Donors to BB&N's giving societies, described below, are recognized by giving level in the annual 澳门皇冠手机app予举报 for their leadership and loyalty.

          校友/ AE, parents, grandparents, and friends who have made BB&N a philanthropic priority play a critical role in our success at fulfilling our mission year after year. The name of the 1974年领导的社会 celebrates Browne & Nichols and Buckingham Schools and the traditions of excellence that united in 1974 to create 白金汉 Browne & Nichols.

          1974年年轻的校友/ AE领导社会
          Many Young 校友/ AE donors – graduates within the last two decades – are establishing themselves as leaders in shaping the future of BB&N. Joining the 1974年年轻的校友/ AE社会 indicates a significant commitment to the value of investing in generations of current and future graduates and sustaining the excellence of a BB&N education.

          Knights of yore placed honor and loyalty at the core of their code. Members of the Knights' Circle have demonstrated their loyalty to BB&N by making gifts of any size for five or more consecutive years. Consistent giving each year allows BB&N to build on a strong, steady, and reliable foundation of support.

          Members join an important tradition of legacy support set by former trustees Charles and Elizabeth Almy, who bequeathed their residence to BB&N through their estate. The Almy Society recognizes individuals and families who have provided for the future of BB&N through their estate plans.

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