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          The Power of Philanthropy at BB&N

          The impact of giving to BB&N is felt every day by every member
          of our diverse, curious, compassionate, and engaged community.

          students experience the joy of learning more fully.
          teachers challenge students to think, explore ideas, and solve problems.
          coaches provide sportsmanship lessons and skills that last a lifetime.
          parents are supported as their children examine and interact with the world.
          alumni/ae create and sustain BB&N connections and relationships.

          your participation makes all of this possible.

          be connected

          Volunteer with BB&N

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          be curious

          find out how to give and why your gift matters

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          be kind

          make a gift that makes a difference

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          fast facts


          The BB&N Fund and endowment income supported 12.4% of the BB&N operating budget in Fiscal Year 2020.

          fast facts


          Nearly 1,663 alumni/ae, parents, grandparents, faculty, staff, and friends supported The BB&N Fund and other fundraising initiatives in 2019-2020. 

          fast facts


          24% of students across BB&N's three campuses are receiving financial aid support during the 2019-2020 school year. 

          fast facts


          Nearly 765 parents, alumni/ae, grandparents, and faculty volunteered for BB&N through the School's Parents' Association, admissions, fundraising, alumni/ae engagement, reunion, and other programs in 2019-2020.

          fast facts


          1,036 students across all three campuses benefit from the philanthropic support of the BB&N community every day through superior academic programs, exceptional faculty, outstanding arts, talented athletics, and generous financial aid program.

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