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          杰夫·西奥博尔德, US Director我始终认为,最好的学校这样做的远不止简单地为学生提供丰富的课程内容和刺激节目。最好的学校也有意识地设计的方式来激起深深播种激情,激发了终身学习的强大愿望,并帮助形成人与创意,处理信息的重要关系。我相信,白金汉布朗和尼科尔斯是这样一个地方,我邀请你来进一步探讨我们。

          To me, the “Preparation” part of Prep Schools means that we as an institution are tasked with the goal of helping develop self-actualized young adults who will move through their world with confidence and with purpose. At BB&N, we believe that it is in the collaborative nature of the learning experience that the real growth in our youth is solidified, and therefore we do everything we can to emphasize and provide for positive and productive relationships between the students and the adults working on their behalf. Here we believe that school should be both challenging and invigorating, and it is the balanced combination of the two at BB&N that makes me excited to come to work every day. We would love for you to join us in the experience.





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