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          乔迪·米切尔Families in the Greater Boston area do not lack for options when it comes to selecting an independent school for their children. And that begs a question: Why choose BB&N?

          First and foremost, families choose BB&N because we offer an education of the highest quality, delivered in a distinctive style. There’s a messy vitality to learning here, an energy that’s palpable, and it grows from close relationships between motivated students and skilled, dedicated educators. Learning is intense and challenging, but also creative, invigorating, and vibrant.


          Our students are bright, inquisitive, and curious. They are mainstream, iconoclasts, and everything in between. They are BB&N, and what they bring to school with them every day contributes in a huge way to the learning and growth of everyone in our community.

          Most important is the impact that the BB&N experience has on each student. We excel at opening students’ minds to new possibilities, helping them uncover their potential and tap it to the fullest. After BB&N, they succeed in the finest colleges and universities, and in all that follows.

          Thank you for your interest in BB&N and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if we can assist you in any way.



          Entry Grades at BB&N

          〜初学者 (32位)
          〜幼儿园 (约8个空格)
          〜6年级 (约17个空格)
          〜7级 (约25个空格)
          〜8级 (约10个空格)
          〜9年级 (约45个空格)
          〜其他牌号 (空格有时打开)

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