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          上学校体育 & Wellness Philosophy

          BB&N is committed to serve and direct students along a path that combines their educational pursuits with excellence in their athletic and wellness endeavors. Our purpose is to provide programs and experiences that represent BB&N in an exemplary manner and afford a wide range of students the best opportunity to reach their full potential. In doing so, our programs will: (1) attract educators and students of the finest quality, (2) provide training that promotes a healthy lifestyle and (3) provide competitive facilities and resources vital for safe and successful learning and training experiences. Our wellness program, available to all students, strives to integrate health, fitness, and experiential education. By developing emotional and social learning, in both the interscholastic and/or wellness setting, students will acquire a variety of life skills such as resiliency, empathy, goal setting and responsible decision-making.


          BB&N 竞技 Twitter

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