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          Students may elect to participate in several performance ensembles. These groups, 合唱, 室内乐, 爵士乐队 and the BB&N Players give students the opportunity to use their talents outside of the classroom and perform at community events.




          爵士乐队 is offered to 7th and 8th grade students by audition. No previous experience in playing jazz is required. The aim of this class is to explore this unique American art form, characterized by complex, syncopated rhythm and improvisations. Students learn to interpret traditional notation and make it “swing” and to improvise melodies.Through this course students experience a spirited aspect of American culture, are challenged by new musical concepts and work at developing their own risk­taking skills.The group’s work is shared with the BB&N community in at least two performances during the year.



          The BB&N Players

          The BB&N Players, an Improv Troupe, is part of the BB&N Community. The troupe assists the school in many ways including serving as assembly emcees and assisting faculty with skits for various school events such as the read a thon, community service and sports assembles. The Players perform two improv shows during the year. Seventh graders audition in May for the following school year.



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