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          BB&N is a member of 全球在线学院 (GOA),经财团 60所领先的独立学校 在整个美国张艳平认为,我们的学生提供全国各地的学习同行一起,以及世界的机会。






          Some characteristics that make GOA particularly attractive to a school such as ours are the small class sizes (maximum of 18 students per class), the high academic standards of the partner schools, and the fact that all courses are taught by faculty at these partner schools. Students enrolled in 果阿课程 will combine asynchronous, independent work with frequent opportunities for collaboration with classmates as well as real-time, electronic interaction with their teacher. Weekly check-ins will also occur on our campus with faculty member lizanne莫伊尼汉, who will serve as BB&N's GOA site coordinator.

          Interested BB&N juniors and seniors have the opportunity each year to consider enrolling in 果阿课程 在科学或历史/社会科学。这可能特别有吸引力的学生谁是热衷于历史或科学和谁正在寻找一个具有挑战性的,有趣的第6个疗程,将其放置一组在美国和世界也同样好奇和积极的学习者中的机会。

          "Regularly exchanging ideas about teaching and learning with educators from the other GOA member schools who are based across the country and globe is a highlight of my work. We are all deeply committed to making our classrooms (whether at our home school or online) enriching and dynamic in both content and execution, so discussing educational trends, perspectives, and assessment practices from a variety of vantage points is an unparalleled professional development opportunity which positively impacts my teaching at BB&N each day."




          联系: lizanne莫伊尼汉果阿现场导演,617-800-2244





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