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          Whether you are exploring BB&N for the first time or already are a part of our school, I’d like to thank you for visiting our website. Welcome to our vibrant, exciting BB&N community.
          When you tour BB&N, people here will tell you in their own way what a remarkable place BB&N is. Every day here on our campuses, I get to see firsthand what they mean. I recall one student describing BB&N to me as a place where it’s “cool” to be smart. I love that description. Especially when it’s combined—as it is here—with talented, supportive teachers and an amazing sense of community.
          What kind of a place is BB&N? It’s a place where our Upper School students might find their classroom to be in the woods in New Hampshire, at a leading biotech firm in Cambridge, or at the Museum of Fine 艺术 in Boston. It’s a place where Middle School students start their Wednesdays in electives that include Creative Writing & Cookies and Beats & Bacon. It’s a place where our Sixth Graders install their Human Rights gallery on the same day that they team up to battle the Lower School faculty in the annual kickball game.

          那就是信奉一个学校的校训是讲到我们的社会价值观的重要卷的地方: 荣誉, 奖学金善良.
          For those of you visiting our community for the first time, I invite you to pay us a visit and learn what makes BB&N so special. And for those of you already part of our community, I thank you for your part in making BB&N the amazing uKnighted community that it is!


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